Avoiding Dermatitis In Your Shop

Posted by Lube-Tech on Apr 4, 2019 12:53:49 PM

dermatitisAbove all else, the health and safety of your workers is the most important priority in the shop. In metalworking, microparticles can cause dermatitis, causing irritation and rash. Metalworking fluids are typically about 93% water and 7% oil, neither of which will bother your skin. It's the metallic particles, along with the bacteria and fungus that live on those particles, that result from the machining action that can get into your skin and cause problems.The solution? According to Lube-Tech Industrial Specialist Mike Jordan, using the right soap can make the difference.

“Abrasive soaps get your hands clean, but they can also remove the outermost layers of skin and leave pores open and unprotected,” Jordan said. “Plus, most rags in metalworking shops, even the clean ones, have metal particles on them. Get those in your skin and you get irritation, rash and dermatitis.”

Eliminate dermatitis problems in your shop by following two simple rules:

-Keep dirty aprons, rags and clothing away from skin

-Use non-media or soft media soap (corn meal soap is best)

4 Steps to Healthy Hands

Pre-Work Protect: Helps protect the skin against contact with various workplace contaminants, irritants, and working conditions. 

Cleanse: Remove dirt and irritants while keeping skin healthy and preventing occupational dermatitis.

Sanitize: Can be used without water to kill germs and provide a higher level of hand hygiene.

After-Work Restoration: Help to maintain the skin in healthy condition by keeping it soft and avoiding dryness.



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