Bulletproof Your Lifts

Posted by Lube-Tech on Feb 6, 2017 8:55:35 AM

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ANSI standards mandate lifts need to be inspected annually. But standards are only one reason to get lifts inspected – avoiding down time and ensuring a safe working environment are two big reasons to keep list inspections at the top of any shop equipment maintenance list.

Lift inspections should be performed by qualified inspectors who are OEM trained. These inspectors will be familiar with the electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems of any given lift. Lube-Tech Equipment Service Installation (ESI) technicians not only inspect lifts, they install them and maintain them.

Lube-Tech’s ESI technicians have start-to-finish knowledge of lifts and can perform in-depth inspections at any time. However, daily inspections are a must to spot problems early. Technicians using lifts in your shop should check the following daily:

Daily Lift Inspection Checklist

• Ensure lift controls are working properly

• Ensure all safety lockouts and restraints are working correctly

• Check for deformation or excessive wear of any lift components

• Check for damage or excessive wear on any of the lift contact points

• Ensure there are no hydraulic leaks

• Check for cracks or loose concrete around floor anchors


Lube-Tech promotes the safe installation, inspection, and use of all light and heavy duty vehicle lifts. OSHA® recommends an annual inspection of all lifts. Lube-Tech's experienced equipment technicians can inspect and service all lifts, regardless of brand, to ensure they meet American National Safety Standards. 

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