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Posted by Lube-Tech on Feb 7, 2017 9:41:15 AM

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How can a laboratory help you make more money? Lube-Tech released its first house brand machining fluid way back in the 1970s. Just like then, Lube-Tech knows the proper fluid can make all the difference between a precision product and scrap.

You can guess what fluid will work or you can do it scientifically. That’s why we built our own chemical lab, to eliminate guesswork, increase response time and get our customers the right fluid faster.

The mission of Lube-Tech’s chemical laboratory is:

• Diagnose and solve fluid-related problems

• Enhance proven fluids by custom-tailoring them to your application

• Save you money


Lube-Tech Laboratory Formula For Success

Lube-Tech’s lab streamlines the fluid formulation process via:

• Formulation

• Testing

• Quality Control

• Used Oil Analysis

• Fuel Testing


Lube-Tech Certified Lubrication Specialists Work For You

stle_logoThe Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers has a certification system for people working in the petroleum industry – Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS). With an exam boasting a passing rate lower than the bar exam for law students, earning the CLS title is no easy task, but it assures clients their fluid rep is an expert in the industry.

“I deal with engineers and they know what being a CLS means,” said Lube-Tech’s Luke Bame, who himself holds a CLS certification. “For most of Lube-Tech’s clients it gives them confidence that we will get the right fluid or figure out the right solution for their needs that much faster.”

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