Lube-Tech Introduces New State-Of-The-Art Engine Testing Facility

Posted by Lube-Tech on Nov 12, 2018 12:10:16 PM

Test Tech 1In addition to developing some of the world’s most innovative custom powersports and outdoor power equipment lubricants, Lube-Tech also operates an engine testing facility called Test-Tech.  20 years ago, Test-Tech was established to test custom blended lubricants in-house.  Since then it has grown into one of the industry’s best-kept secrets, with numerous OEMs leaning on the business’s lubricant and testing experience to conduct endurance, certification and validation testing of its lubricants.

On November 12th, Lube-Tech announced the opening of a new Test-Tech facility located in Golden Valley, Minnesota. The facility was designed to be a modern engine testing facility offering custom mechanical research testing, complete with Dyno testing units, controlled combustion air and a marine test tank.  The new facility further differentiates the services Lube-Tech offers and provides to their customers.

 Test-Tech outside

New Test-Tech facility pictured above

“With so many testing projects we realized we had outgrown our current facility,” said Eivind Stenersen, Lube-Tech’s Vice President of Technology. “We took the opportunity to not only design a state-of-the-art engine testing facility, but one that would protect the intellectual property of our Custom Brands partners with advanced security systems.”  Test-Tech has positioned Lube-Tech as a go to for engine testing and development in addition to being an indispensable partner for the development of custom branded lubricants and solutions.  “When it comes to our business partners, if there are fluids in the vehicles and engines they build, we will provide them,” said Denny Swanson, Engineering and Engine Manager at Lube-Tech. “Having the ability to be a direct partner in engine development with OEMs is an additional benefit for both sides.”


Test-Tech cell

Lube-Tech’s new facility marks the culmination of two decades of test experience and lays the ground work for Test-Tech’s continued support of Lube-Tech’s lubricant development process as well as expanding their service offering to include contract engine testing for some of the world’s leading OEMs. Learn more about Lube-Tech at




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